Professional Betting

Professional Betting

Poker Hand Rankings: ‘hi’ Games, ‘lo’ Games And ‘hi

He’s a lot of fun at the tables and a good creative player. If you get your opponent to play his range passively, you win. Your preflop button play is directly dependent to how much your opponent is defending his blinds.

Hands like Jd9d on a Td7c4s board is a great raising candidate. If villain calls we can hit our gut shot, turn a diamond draw or hit an overcard to possibly win. Heads Up Cash games form yet another specialised discipline within the world of Poker strategy.

If he’s not calling/three-betting very much you raise a ton. If he’s calling and three-betting a lot you don’t raise a lot. Note however, that whether he’s frequently three-betting or frequently calling also is a huge factor. For example, if he’s calling a lot we may feel fine about raising 86s, but if he’s three-betting a lot we may not. It’s really hard to play against players who are tight preflop. Because of this I recommend you as well play tight preflop. If you’re looking to widen your flop raising range because of a nitty opponent, make sure its not complete air.

Raise pre-flop, or re-raise from any position if facing a raiser. There are a possible 13 types of pocket pairs you’ll get in a game of Texas Hold’em. The lowest pair in poker is obviously 2-2, the highest pair being A-A. This captures the remaining equity that your opponent holds but if they were never going to bluff, then your chances of extracting more value from their weakest parts of their range are non-existent. If your check-raise gets called then you can shut down but at least it is you that is now only placing money into the pot on your terms and not your opponent.

$24k Soft Series Tournaments Give Everyone A Shot At Winning

The following is about the best dissemination of Heads Up Cash Poker I’ve been able to find. As always tight aggressive play is the order of the day. The river then brought the , a horrible card for me that put four to a straight on the board and completed a backdoor heart flush.

These play well in any position pre-flop, and you can easily 4-bet to an aggressor holding A-K or a smaller pocket pair. For premium pairs, you are in good shape to attack every flop.

Despite that, I bet the river, a decision I don’t like so much in retrospect. When such things occur, there is no need to try and correct the other players. If we check, our opponent retains the ability to make a big bet IP. Even if we bet, our opponent retains the ability to raise. Small bets IP on the river are often questionable and should be subject to a high level of scrutiny. Out of all the scenarios discussed, making a blocking bet IP on the river shows the worst possible understanding of the topic.

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